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What is the Dealo blog about?

I created this blog in attempt to provide free advice to everyone about anything, printing related, no matter whether they are our clients or not. 

We have experts in the fields of Ink Cartridges, Toner cartridges, Bulk Ink, CIS (constant Ink Systems), Colour matching, Photo paper, Printers, Photo processing including Photoshop and other editing software. 

Additionally we have vast experience in the area of Monitors and their Adjustment, software installation, trouble shooting and much more.

If you have any questions, no matter whether you are a client or not, go to our Contact Us Page and let us know what your questions are.  Your answer will appear on The Dealo Blog soon after or you may even get a free phone call from one of our specialists.  Remember to let us know your phone number so we can make that complimentary call if necessary.

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The best printers of 2014 / 2015.  Dealo's choice of best Printer(s) Canon MX926 is clearly the best fully functional printer in terms of quality and economy.  Please read the rest to find more printers and why we chose the Canon MX926!  We did not test printers in the way other testers might. ..
If you have a Coupon, please refer to the below two pictures on how to use it.     Once the items, or items are in your cart... see the below picture.   ..
Dealo is not just a retail store.  We believe that while we sell an extraordinary product, we offer far more than that.  Our team lives and breathes our products.  We use these products ourselves and we are experts in our product range.  Dealo has professionals in fields such as photography, prin..
Over the next weeks and months we will be adding content relating to a wide range of Printer and ink cartridge related subjects, such as Choosing a Printer What kind of ink should I use? I want to print high quality photos. Which is the best paper for photographic printing? What is wrong with my Printer? ..
What kind of ink should I use, Compatible or Genuine? This is the important question and the answer often scares compatible ink sellers when someone asks it.  I doesn’t scare us because we think our ink is great, however we do believe that no compatible ink anywhere on earth can match genuine ink.  Everyon..
Should I buy genuine ink cartridges? Genuine ink cartridges are extremely expensive and if you consider that a ml is less than a gram then you realise that this ink costs about 30% the price of gold. So you should factor this into the calculation.  How important are the items you print? If you are printin..
there will be links here ..
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